Company profile

The core business of driving timber consists of new building, extension and maintenance work, as well as horizontal and vertical transport arrangements. The over 30 years experience of our employees as well as industrial knowledge and our own initiative make us a reliable partner. These properties enable us to operate effectively and economically, and thus successfully carry out long-term projects as well as day-to-day business. Our specialists are solution-oriented members of a well-established team who work out transparent and holistic solutions.


Fahrholz operates state-of-the-art equipment in heavy load logistics. This equipment consists of telescopic and crawler cranes, sword transport units, self-propelled (SPMT), shovel technology, wire harnesses, lifting masts, step lifters as well as construction-relevant accessories such as bongossi and steel mats as well as support booms. This, in combination with our engineers and experienced colleagues on site, enables us to offer both large-scale project solutions and to work successfully in the day-to-day business of crane and transport rental. A further component of our range of services is technical work with 2D / 3D CAD systems, line testing and the preparation of method statements.


Every order is planned, executed, managed and completed by our teams. Qualified employees as well as continuous further education are a guarantee that we can continue to improve the high quality of our services in the future. Through professionalism, flexibility and transparency, we achieve close proximity to the industry and are able to meet customer requirements successfully. This is a foundation for our long-standing and sustainable customer relationships. Our reliable operation has been in demand for many years in the fields of power generation, petrochemical, mineral and metal industries as well as assembly and dismantling activities of infrastructure facilities, the offshore industry and the heavy load logistics market. The ability,

Areas of application

Power generation
Minerals and metals industry
Offshore industry
Infrastructure works
Port work


Telescopic and lattice
Mast crane configuration Conventional transports
SPMT / PST-E / Flat-Combi-Modules
Transport / Hub & Engineering
Technology Pushing systems Rental of Baggermatten & Zubehör